Dan Davis' 1984 Trans AM


  Pontiac's original pony car soars to new heights in this package with a look that sets it apart from the rest of the of the flock.Don uses a Mitsubishi color to give the car an electric look that is different from any blue from GM. A 1988 nose and ground effects package are added with silver to offset the blue main body color.The color package is then accented with a set of Weld "Draglite" aluminum wheels. A nice look but looks alone does not a Trans AM make! This is a factory G-code car with a 5-speed tranny and 3.73 gears so all it really needed was a little more motor. So, Don puts together a well balanced
350 with a mild cam,aluminum intake,"shorty" headers, 750cfm 4-barrel, and a Banks exhaust.Aside from his own special brand of head porting,this car uses readily available parts so there's no need for panic if something breaks. Now,the "Wide Track People" did a pretty good job of building these cars to begin with so Don sees no need to reinvent the wheel but these performance upgrades make this a fantastic "total package".On the open road this car gets just over 20 MPG,it runs a 1/4 mile in the 13.50's@ 102 MPH,and can lap a Maserati on a the road course. (yep,it lapped a '74 Maserati at Limerock, Ct) Oh sure, Corvettes, Porches,and Vipers handed it it's ass but it's a great "bang for the buck" American musclecar.