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   As well as a Registered Motor Vehicle Repair facility, we are also a Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Inspection Station.Your motor vehicle inspection is designed make sure that you keep your car in good working order with tires, brakes, lighting, suspension and emissions in tact to keep our highways and passengers safe. This is mandatory and must be done every year.
  Basically, the inspection breaks down into two parts-Mechanical Safety and Emissions Control .Your car must pass both parts to be approved for highway use.
What you should know:
  • If your CHECK ENGINE light is on YOUR CAR WILL NOT PASS.
  • If you clear a code or disconnect your battery and DON'T perform 120 miles of normal driving without the light coming back on-YOUR CAR WILL NOT PASS.
  • Tires must 2/32" of tread depth minimum with no visible damage.
  • Suspension parts, such as, ball joints, tie rods, sway bar links and steering components can't have excessive wear or movement.
  • Frames can not be rusted through, cracked, or broken.
  • Head lights, tail lights,turn signals, reverse lights, brake lights and side marker lights must be in working order.
  • Light lenses must be in tact (no cracks, breaks or pieces missing) and tail lights must be RED -NOT CLEAR.Clear won't pass. (Unless they are original factory equipment.)
  • Brake pads can't be down to the sqealers or metal to metal.
  • NO Compression fittings on brake lines
  • Struts, shocks, leaf springs, control arms, springs and shackles must be in place and in tact.
  • Windows must be in place with no cracks over 11" in the windshield.
  • Seat belts must be present and operational.Your seats must also be secure.
  • Emergency brakes must be operational