1977 Cadillac Hearse


Ever wonder what happens to a hearse when it retires? Well, I've seen them take on many second careers but not like this one. Meet "Mr.Creepy". This is the ultimate work horse for the shop because it has most of the capabilities of a pick up truck but nobody asks you to help them move. Hell,we can't even get people to take it as a loaner when they drop their car off for service. So,what makes Mr.C different from other hearses? Well,it's the utilitarian chassis. Taken from a Chevy Suburban, this frame brings heavy weight capacity and 4-wheel to the project. To keep the hearse from having that gaudy "lift kit" look, the floor is channeled so that it sits down over the frame rails hiding them from view. The frame is then "wheelbased" to fit the Caddy body because a herase actually has a longer wheelbase than a Chevy Suburban! An adapter plate is added to the 425 cu.in. Cadillac motor to attach it to the Chevrolet transmission so when you raise the hood you're looking at the original engine. Behind the front bumper is a pair of sleeve boxes that the upper mounts of the plow frame slide into and get locked in with pins. The plow can now be mounted or removed in 5 minutes!The sliding casket table has been removed and a fold-down rear seat installed giving the car over six and a half feet of cargo space. So, with six passenger capability ,4-wheel drive, and tons of cargo space this hearse has truly become the Cadillac of SUV's and no longer "The Last Ride". :)