1971 Duster 340


If you were a young driver in the early 70's chances are you were in the market for muscle. These high performance muscle machines seemed to be everywhere and Don LeFever's boyhood home was no different. His mother was a good hearted mild mannered woman with a heavy right foot and a "Sassy Grass" green 340 Duster. So, when the opportunity to score this beauty arose a sense of nostalgia took over and he had to have it. It had been a little mistreated but it was a low mile bench seat stick car with blue and white factory hounds tooth style interior. It had already been repainted and the job was well... let's just say it needed to be RE-painted and the factory style stripes put back on. Don took the car back down to bare steel and worked out a lot of imperfections. With this car also being from the chrome era the new paint couldn't be left next to pitted bumpers so they were rechromed along with the shifter handle.(correct bench seat shifters are very hard to find) New carpet and new stripes make this original 47,000 mile Duster a throwback to the day's of old. However, Don has admitted that if it was any less of a prime example, it would've been painted "Sassy Grass" green.