Don LeFever's 1989 Dodge Daytona


At fisrt glance this Daytona looks like a garden variety front wheel driver but a closer look reveals
that the rear tires are bigger than the front.Well,that because they need to be.This Dayton is a rear
Wheel drive V8 powered pony car.Don LeFever bought this car in pieces because he wanted a black Daytona to replace
the red one that he already had.While it was going together he just got the idea to put the V8 in on a whim.Aside
from building the basic engine cradle,this car was built with all Chrysler parts.Now,he's not readily handing out
the recipe but we can tell you it's has a 360 with a 4 barrel carb,a mild cam and headers.Take that and couple it with
a 727 automatic and an 8 3/4 posi rearend with 3:55 gears and you have a feather weight street terror that lays down
12- second 1/4 miles with the road manners of a 4-cylinder.(until you put your foot down).