1969 Corvette LS1


Many people will argue that the most beautiful American automotive design is that of the second generation Stingray Corvette. As many will probably argue that the latest LS series Chevrolet V8 is the overall best American engine to date. So, imagine, if you will, these two entities coming together. Well, we've done more than just imagine it, we've actually made it happen! This "Arrest Me" red 1969 Corvette roadster has been equiped with a modified 2002 LS1, a 6-speed transmission and 4.11 gears. It's also been upgraded in the suspension catagory with rack and pinion steering, tubular control arms, front and rear fiberglass leaf springs and gas shocks. The interior gets rounded out with a smaller wheel, aftermarket gauges,and seats from a C-5 'Vette to make it comfortable for longer trips.With it's old school styling, modern upgrades and 389 rear wheel horsepower this 'Vette is truely the best of both worlds.