Debbie LeFever's 1972 SS 454 Chevelle


If there was ever a car that could come under the heading of "Rocket Restoration" this is the car.
Debbie had always wanted a Chevelle SS and since she's also Don's wife she expected one
fairly fast.Now, she wasn't planning on 3 months fast but that's what she got.Don "towed" this Chevelle
from Rochester just before Christmas and had the car paneled,painted and striped by March with a 300 HP
350.Debbie recovered the seats and installed the carpet.She added extra padding to the seats and they're as
comfortable as sitting on your living room sofa.The next year for her birthday Don built and installed a
365 HP Big Block 454 in this 3.31 geared 4-speed car and you should've seen the burnouts!