Ray McCarthy's 1970 Mustang Mach 1


Ray McCarthy is a dyed in the wool Ford man. So,when he had a chance to pick up this '70 Mustang it felt like fate. Being a California car, it would stand to reason that the car should be fairly sound. Well...let's just say that there was considerably more work than expected. Now,don't get me wrong, this car was well worth the effort as it was a 351 4-speed car with 3.89 gears.There was a need to hang a new quarter panel and it had a few dents to work out to get it ready for paint. Ray didn't want the standard Mach 1 look so, he opted for the full black hood with no stripes or markings (a Mustang needs no introduction) but he did, however, want to keep the chin spoiler and the optional "T" spoiler on the rear. Round out the whole package with a set of Weld wheels and you have a Mustang that stands out from the crowd and pulls like a freight train.