Scott LeFever's 1964 Impala SS


Imagine being a major car guy who's only son is showing no interest in cars. I mean NONE WHATSOEVER! So,Don offers to help Scott build any car he desires. (knowing full well he COULD be building a Japanese sport compact rocket ship) Imagine his joy and surprise when Scott says he wants a '64 Chevy Impala SS! Now, Don knows that these cars weren't exactly notorious for their braking and cornering ability,so rather than give his son a car with an "X" frame,he started with a 1994 Caprice with the police package and put the '64 body on a more stable chassis.After the body has been channeled and the frame "wheel based" the body and frame marry together perfectly. With the hard part out of the way, they proceeded to give the LT-1 a mild working over with a .030 over bore, the Corvette "Hot Cam"uprade, and Edelbrock aluminum heads. This takes the LT-1 from 260hp to right around 400. With the addition of Wilwood brakes and slotted rotors the BEAST is taken care of and it's now time for the BEAUTY. The only body that they could find on short notice needed a lot of help. They replaced both quarter panels,"skinned" both doors, and added new front fenders. After the body is clean and straight, black base coat/clear coat is beautifully applied and the SS trim sets it off quite nicely .Add new-age Torq-thrust wheels and you have a picture perfect finish on a super sharp Super Sport.